Top 5 Best Mattress To Buy For All Sleeping Positions


Top 5 Best Affordable Queen Mattresses For All Sleeping Positions

In today’s pressurized working environment, a good night’s rest can be the difference between success and failure.

It’s difficult to know which mattress is the best mattress to buy to help assure high quality sleep, and it’s certainly not a decision to be taken lightly.

These five Best Mattresses to Buy, presented in reverse order, are all worth your serious consideration:

Best Mattresses to Buy

Sultan Hanestad Active-Response Coil Mattress by IKEA

Generally considered to be a more luxurious option than basic ‘open spring’ mattresses, these ‘pocket spring’ designs feature small springs housed individually in fabric pockets.

The disconnection of these springs from one another allows them to work independently, responding effectively to weight variations on different parts of the bed.

Ideal for couples with large weight differences, this very affordable model from IKEA retails at $249 online and features stretch fabrics on top for added support and latex wadding to provide a firmer base which makes a Best Mattresses to Buy

Best Mattresses to Buy

Traditional  Mattress by Sealy

As arguably the most well-known brand in its field, Sealy is certainly a go-to company for many people in the market for a new mattress.

This nicely put-together piece sells for a fair price of $399 in queen size and carries all the hallmarks of the Sealy brand; value for money, good build-quality and guaranteed durability.

As well as 420 SealyTech innersprings and 667 patented coils, this model boasts a top layer of body-hugging memory foam and comfortable yet resilient exterior quilting.



Original 20 - Tempur

The appeal of the Tempur brand for many people can be attributed to its association with NASA. Although many mattress manufacturers now use memory foam to add extra comfort, Tempur were the trailblazers in this field.

The ‘space technology’ at work here makes this classic mattress one of the most comfortable around to this day, with its heavy use of memory foam augmented by an anti-microbial treated hypoallergenic cover.

This space age technology comes at a premium though. With doubles starting at $1,699, the Original 20 is the most expensive mattress on this list.



Saatva Mattress

This all-American company offers a very high quality product at a relatively low price. On their website, they claim that other retailers will charge you $2000 for a similar mattress, whereas the Saatva queen size only sets you back $899 online.

It has everything the others have; pocketed coils, memory foam, as well as something called ‘Dual Torsion Steel Edge Guards’, which are a nice addition if you like bragging to the neighbors.




Promising the best back support, pressure relief and durability on the market (backed up by many testimonials and reviews) this is truly the king of the mattresses yet another Best Mattresses to Buy.

The company is able to offer an unmatched 30 year warranty thanks to its innovative use of a new non-toxic gel, which provides comfort and support without wearing out.

This is a very impressive product, particularly with prices starting at $999. For durability alone, it makes a good investment.