Top 5 Best Wool Mattress Topper :Detailed Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

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A night of deep comfortable sleep is the desire of everyone. If you sleep soundly and wake up fresh every day, then consider yourself in the lucky ones because, according to Consumer Reports, an estimated number of 164 million American residents struggle to sleep one time a week at least.

Before you jump on to explore more causes, ask yourself, does your mattress feel comfortable? Because it might be a reason for a troubled sleep too. If the answer is Yes, then it’s high time you invest in the bedding accessory “ wool mattress topper” .Best Wool Mattress Topper can do wonders for your sleep and have a broad spectrum of benefits. A wool mattress topper is an innovative bedding product that provides comfort and support to the user.

As evident from the name, the topper is filled with organic wool, a highly efficient material with properties to mold its shape as per the user’s body. It has heat regulation characteristics too. This comprehensive, we have jotted down some benefits, top products, maintenance tips, and some FAQ related to this versatile product. Keep reading to know more.

Advantages of Using Wool Mattress Toppers:


Wool Mattress Toppers are one of the best bedding accessories designed to provide transcendent comfort and softness. It helps alleviate pain and provides an extra layer of cushioning for a cloudy feel of sleep.


People with allergy problems are in for a treat with these mattress toppers. Wool, especially Merino Wool is a hypoallergenic material resistant to dust mites, bugs, and mold spores. There is no synthetic material used in them commonly, so there is a decreased likelihood of an allergic reaction.

Heat Regulation:

The incredible benefit of using a wool mattress topper is the appropriateness of it. It is best for all seasons, and during winter, it provides warmth to the sleepers by insulating heat. In summers, it wicks moisture and controls temperature by promoting air circulation.

Low Maintenance:

Wool mattress toppers are very easy to clean, although there is a misconception about that. Sunning and airing are essentially enough for them to make them fresh and some toppers are machine washable too. As an additional benefit, they are noiseless also.

Overall Top Picks of  Best Wool Mattress Topper

Sleep and Beyond Organic Merino Wool Mattress Topper:

Sleep and beyond is a third-generation family-owned business most trusted name in the wool bedding industry, and their versatile, super comfy goods have a huge fan base. This Best Wool Mattress Topper is one of the finest quality products from the award-winning company, a perfect combination of organic wool and wool blend suitable for all weather. The mattress topper intends to provide cozy warmth during winters and a relaxed, breathable feel in the summertime.


The mattress topper’s case is made from a soft 100% organic cotton jacquard fabric, which feels great against the skin because it has a high thread count of 300. The ivory colored best wool mattress topper online availability is in five different sizes and prices, making this wool topper for a broad spectrum of users. The topper is not machine washable, so the company recommends using a washable cover to increase its longevity.


Suitable for every season and alleviates body pain due to arthritis with its generous support.

Hypoallergenic to give maximum comfort to people who are allergy-prone and have sensitive skin. The Merino Wool Fibers in this product are in spring shape to ensure support to the pressure points.


The product is made from premium quality wood from self-raised Merino sheep in the Kyrgyz Republic, pure natural cotton, and Shropshire wool. The topper is incredibly durable, has a high wool filling, and to boost its quality, regular sunning, airing, and dry clean is suggested.



Twin 39×76 inches

Full 54×76 inches

Queen 60×80 inches

King 76×80 inches

Cal King 72x84inches



  • Allergen-free materials.
  • Resistant against mold and dust mites.
  • 5-inch thickness.
  • Anchor bands available to prevent slipping.
  • Return is possible with a 15% restocking fee.
  • Fresh a neutral scent/ Only dry clean.
  • No assembly is required and prevents overheating.



Elite Wool Mattress Pad by SnugFleece:

Are you tired of sleeping on a hard, stiff mattress that has ruined your entire sleep cycle? It’s time to invest in the Best Wool Mattress Topper by Snug Fleece. Let us introduce you to the comfortable Best Wool Mattress Pad from the wool bedding guru, which can be a classic addition to your current mattress, and you will sleep like a baby. Made from 100% American Virgin Wool and premium polyester backing, it is undoubtedly the wool mattress topper you are looking for.


The mattress topper has a double backing. On the top side, it’s 100% natural wool, and the lower side in contact with the mattress has a polyester filling for extra support and to make it machine launderable. It includes adjustable straps to fix it to a bed as thick as 18 inches, and the materials used are fire-resistant.



Do you have skin irritation issues and are afraid of buying a mattress topper? Not anymore because this Elite Wool Mattress topper is hypoallergenic and chemical-free to ensure that your skin loves it and you have a deep, peaceful sleep. This made in the USA product adjusts to your body and provides maximum support to it. The temperature control characteristics of the topper are excellent, and it works best in all seasons. The softness is satisfactory, making it an all-rounder product at the most affordable price.


The topper is incredibly durable, and according to customer reviews, it does not lose its shape and softness even after a machine wash on a delicate cycle. With peculiar care, it can serve for a lifetime.



Crib 28×52 inches

Twin 39×75 inches

XL Twin39x80 inches

Full 54×75 inches

Queen 60×80 inches

King 78×80 inches

Cal King72x84 inches



2-inch adjustable corner straps

Pure Virgin Wool from the USA

Machine Washable

Resistant to fire and eco friendly.

Decadent Wool filling: 65oz/linear yard


Holy Lamb Organics Wool Mattress Toppers:

Holy Lamb Organics is a famous wool bedding corporation producing comforters, mattress toppers, pillows, and other bedding products manufactured from premium quality wool. This ultra-comfortable Best Wool Mattress Topper from the bedding manufacturer is a display of the finest craftsmanship. It is a perfect accessory for a synthetic mattress that is hard and doesn’t let you sleep well. The mattress toppers are handcrafted with care to ensure that products are flawless and deliver the best sleeping experience.


The topper has a baffle box type construction with a high-grade eco-friendly wool filling. The topper’s cover is made from organic cotton material, and the wool is tufted between them. The filling quantity is 40z/ square yard, and the loft of the topper is 1.5- 2inches.


Purchasing this mattress topper will be the most appropriate decision if you are looking for unprecedented comfort. The topper renders extreme comfort and support to the user. The loft is fit enough to support your body and soft enough to give you a cozy feel. This wool mattress topper organic is warm in the winter, offers excellent heat regulation in the summer season, and it’s odorless.


This mattress topper is made from the most high-grade wool and is hand made to increase its durability. The price is a little high, but it’s worth all your money due to the unmatchable strength of the product. The topper is heavy and big so that it couldn’t fit into a machine. Therefore, machine washing is prohibited.



Twin: 24x24x18 inches

Twin XL: 36x16x11 inches

Full: 20x 13.4 x 12.4 inches

Queen: 31.25x 20.5 x 20 inches

King: 76 x 80 x 2 inches

California King: 23x17x17 inches



  • Eco-wool batting.
  • Not Machine Washable.
  • Pure Cotton Fabric Cover.
  • Handmade in the USA.
  • Luxurious feel and comfort.
  • Baffled construction. High filling
  • Odorless


Cool Wool Reversible Mattress Topper By Perfect Fit Store:

When looking for the Best Wool Mattress Topper, most people are often shocked by the products’ high prices, but the Perfect Fit Store has fixed this problem for you with their Cool Reversible Mattress Pad, which can indeed fit into anyone’s budget. The product is becoming amazingly popular in leading stores and can improve your sleep.


The Perfect Fit stores never fail to amaze us with their innovative ideas, and this reversible mattress topper is also a great one. The mattress pad has a dual construction, with the top cushion is made from pure organic wool, and the back of the topper is created for 100% pure cotton. The pad is filled amply with premium quality wool.


The reversible pad does pretty well in the comfort category. It has premium Australian wool on one side and cotton weave combined with polyester fiberfill on the other. Users can set the topper as per their preference and what feels comfortable to them. The combination of both sides provides excellent support and comfort to users. The wool is hypoallergenic and dust mite resistant, so there is no risk of an allergic reaction. The 2-inch pad helps reduce joint pain and is suitable for use in any season.


This is the best wool mattress topper in this price range, and the durability looks excellent. Its machine washable and the high-quality materials used add to the stability of the topper. The anchor bands ensure that the pad fits the mattress to prevent it from moving, and it retains its shape for a long time.


If you are looking for a wool mattress topper twin XL or twin, this product is not for you. Check the products as mentioned earlier as this is only available in Queen and King Size. The queen size is 80x60x2 inches, and the King Size dimensions are 80x78x2 inches.


  • Machine Washable Wool
  • Generous filling.
  • Color White.
  • Anchor bands included.
  • All season comfort.
  • Moisture Management.
  • It is made from natural fibers.



Plush Beds Luxury Wool Topper:

This mattress topper is a star product by the Plush Beds Store due to its great 3-inch thick design. This is the best wool mattress topper in the market and also the thickest. The generously filled wool ensures that it’s suitable for plus size people and the thickness prevents sinking, too, ensuring maximum comfort to the sleepers. It’s designed to give its users a dreamy comfortable sleep.


The mattress topper is made from 100% natural and ethically sourced organic tools. The product weighs between 10-22 pounds depending on the size, and it is handcrafted and assembled to perfection. The wool topper is 3 inches thick, has a tufted construction, and is a great addition to any mattress.


The materials used in this topper are organic and very breathable. This is an all-rounder bedding product that can be used all year long. The organic wool is dust mite and mold spore resistant. The temperature regulation properties are top-notch, and the 400 thread count satin cover feels very smooth and luxurious.


The buyer should never worry about the durability of this mattress topper because it is made from high-quality materials, and the manufacturer is a trusted one too. The product is toxic-free and durable and is third party approved and made by a certified organic mill.


Whether you are looking for a wool mattress topper twin or you think your mattress will be covered by a King-sized one, the model is available in sizes.

Queen: 80x60x3 inches

Twin: 75x38x3 inches.

Twin XL: 80x38x3 inches.

Full: 75x54x3 inches.

King: 80x76x3 inches.


  • Produced in Northern California.
  • Handmade and locally sourced.
  • It is made by a certified mill.
  • The manufacturer doesn’t offer returns.

Maintenance Tips for Wool Mattress Topper:

Wool is an excellent mattress topper material with a broad range of benefits, but even the best wool mattress topper requires maintenance to keep it in the most desirable form and increase its lifespan. We have jotted down some essential tips to take care of this multifunctional accessory. Have a look.

  1. A wool mattress topper or any other wool bedding product should be turned, rotated, and flipped regularly, ideally every month. This prevents the formation of mold or any foul smell, although wool is inherently resistant to mildew.
  2. It is advised to remove all the bedding material from the topper and let it breathe for some time to remove the moisture absorbed by the wool.
  3. Sun bleaching thrice a year is recommended by experts and most companies. This is crucial to remove the smell and disinfection of the mattress topper.


Are Wool Mattress Toppers Helpful?

Yes, they are. The demand for them is increasing due to the skyrocketing prices of the mattress. They can give your old mattress a comfy new cushioning and your new hard ones a luxurious soft feel.

Is Wool Mattress Topper Washable?

Yes, they can be machine washed. It is advised to wash them on a delicate cycle. Although some wool mattress pads are heavy and not fit for a machine wash. They can be dry cleaned or sun-bleached. Always check the label of the product.

What is the lifespan of a Wool Mattress Topper?

Wool is a sturdy material making the bedding products containing wools very durable. On average, a best wool mattress topper can last for four years.

Do wool mattress toppers make you hot?

No, they don’t. Wool is a heat-regulating material, and a wool mattress topper can provide warmth in winter and a relaxed, breathable feel in the summer season.

What is the thickness of a best wool mattress topper?

If you want to use the topper for comfort, then the ideal thickness is 2 to 3 inches and if your mattress padding is destroyed, then opt for a 4-inch thick mattress topper.


Bottom Line:

Wool mattress toppers are the premier choice of customers these days who want to enhance their mattress without spending a lot of money on a brand-new mattress. Best Wool Mattress Topper is an absolute addition to your existing mattress, and its endurance, hypoallergenic, and temperature regulation properties make it even more useful. This article is an effort to help you to make a great informed purchase decision. Please keep visiting our blog for more exciting articles.